Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a plaque cost...

Our prices are displayed on the Prices page. A plaque such as the Karinya one on the right of this page would work out as follows:
7 letters at $20 (embossed) = $140.00
Timber plinth (optional) = $50.00
Post = $30.00
Total cost only $220.00

How are the plaques constructed...

Hammerworks brass house name plates are hand-crafted from quality .3mm.brass, is embossed with the name of your choice, back-filled with polyester resin and wrapped around marine grade plywood for support. It is then polished to a high lustre and a two-pack urethane clear is sprayed on and baked to provide a durable barrier to tarnishing.

With the indented plaques, the brass is indented, back-filled with polyester resin and a sandwich formed with another sheet of metal behind to create a strong and durable sign. The letters are then hand painted in the colour of your choice and a urethane clear applied and baked.

The size of the finished plaque depends on the number of letters chosen; the width is constant, being 90mm. from top to bottom. The average length for seven letters is 440mm.

The optional timber plinth is made from Tasmanian Oak, a durable Australian hardwood, resistant to rotting and warping.

Do you accept credit cards...

No we do not take credit cards, but you can pay by either posting a cheque or direct deposit into our bank account.

Nouveau Brass Plaque

Notes on the clear coating:
While the urethane clear coating is ideal for normal conditions, a word of caution is given if the name plaque is to be mounted within 2 Kilometres of salt water. Because of the corrosive action salt vapour has on most surfaces, it is advisable to delete the clear coating. The bare brass will be unaffected by the salt except for the need to clean off the tarnish occasionally.

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