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Hammerworks was established in 1986 and has been producing hand crafted quality house name plaques to order since 1994. Since then, the business has flourished as more people become aware of the quality and value of a Hammerworks name plaque; quality to last a lifetime.

The elegant simplicity of a Hammerworks name plaque will compliment any architectural style of house, adding character and a touch of class to your home.

Designed to be outside in all weather, they are made from high quality brass, embossed with the name of your choice and wrapped around marine grade plywood, polished to a high sheen and coated with a urethane (two-pack) clear paint for long lasting protection from tarnishing. Completing the picture, is an optional plinth made from Australian hardwood which compliments the name plaque.

Classic Brass Plaque

Hammerworks brass house name plates are hand-crafted from quality .3mm.brass

The optional timber plinth is made from Tasmanian Oak, a durable Australian hardwood, resistant to rotting and warping.

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