G'day everybody,
In light of the massive bushfire crisis engulfing southern Australia I've decided to do something to help.
I'm too old to join the local fire brigade (I'd be more of a liability than an asset) so I'm pledging 10% of all sales made from January 1.
The money will be donated to the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund on a monthly basis.
Thankyou for your continued support.

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Based in Burnewang, near Elmore, Victoria, Australia, we proudly manufacture and supply high quality house name plaques,designed to be outside in all weather, they are made from high quality brass,embossed with the name of your choice.

Our brass name plaques are second to none.

On this site you can view examples of our work and also purchase a plaque of your choice.

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Nouveau Brass Plaque

Since the early 1900s private individuals have erected their own plaques on houses to distinguish and name them.

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